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Our system has revolutionised the way carpets are cleaned, it is now possible for excellent results to be achieved very easily and with an amazing 30 minutes drying time.  

To clean your carpets and upholstery, rugs etc. we use two types of machine:-

1. A carpet cleaning system that cleans, disinfects and applies anti-static coating to your carpets and this system is guaranteed not to shrink, stretch or split seams, leaves no re-soiling sticky residues and is environmentally friendly.  It is safe for children and pets with non-toxic chemicals, which results in a PH Neutral carpet on completion.


2. A powerful vacuum soil extraction machine which gives speedy and effective results. This performs a deep down clean which is used on carpets, upholstery and stairs etc

We move your furniture and vacuum your carpets with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Any stains will be treated and prepared for a pre-clean, breaking down the soil and grease build up.  The main clean is then undertaken, leaving your carpets clean and dry within 30 minutes.


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