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Before we clean your suite, we always assess the type of material your suite is made from and advise on the best system to use to give the best results.  Before any work is undertaken we will always inform you of the expected drying times for certain materials.


We use a powerful vacuum soil extraction machine which gives speedy and effective results. We use a solution of water and cleaning chemicals, which is a low foaming agent with anti-re-deposition properties and includes an excellent odour neutralising perfume.

This performs a deep down clean which is used on upholstery, carpets and stairs etc.



Leather Suite Cleaning


Before we clean your leather suite, we assess the condition and the type of leather and always give advice before any work is undertaken.


To clean your leather suite we apply a quality leather cleaning solution to remove ground-in dirt etc. Once applied and worked into the surface, it is then left to dry, before applying a quality leather conditioner which when allowed to dry, is then buffed according to the types of finish, to enhance your suite’s appearance.